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  • Irrigation Design & Systems
  • Drainage
  • Waterfalls and fountain systems
  • Installation of Landscape and Dock Lighting Kits/Systems

Irrigation is important in maintaining and beautifying a healthy lawn and landscape. Lack of proper drainage can cause damage to your landscaping and even your foundation. The Irrigation team at Earthcare are experts in the design and placement of irrigation systems that will compliment your landscape needs. From large custom installations to micro irrigation systems for flower beds, we will give you 100% coverage to ensure your landscape is beautiful year- round. Earthcare offers services ranging from strategic irrigation design and installation to correcting grade, installing French drains and dry river beds. We are experts in drip and low-impact irrigation systems and can correct over usage to drastically reduce your water bills, making your system work most effectively and efficiently.


The Earthcare conservation-minded team regularly inspects the system to make sure it is performing optimally. Earthcare also maintains a 24- hour, 7-days-a-week Irrigation Emergency Hotline to service our customers whenever the need arises. Upon completion of your project, the Earthcare Maintenance division can provide quality service to ensure your investment is well managed.

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